Ryan Borne & The Sharks


Ryan Borne

I just turned 20 and im a Photographer/Filmmaker from the island of St Barths.

I started Photography about 3 years ago when I was in high school, I was taking every chances I could to take photos of fighter jets.

Then I came back in St Barths right after Hurricane Irma.
Photography and filmmaking were just hobbies at the time I got a full time job as a Truck Driver/warehouseman. But I wasn’t feeling fulfilled so I said to myself “you can either continue that job and keep picking up trashes for the rest of your life or you can give a shot at Photography/Filmmaking and see what happen” so i decided to give all or nothing so I saved some money and bought My dream Camera a “Canon 1DX Mk ll” and started to work as a freelance.
Photographer/Filmmaker on top of my full-time job for about a year giving everything I could to perfect my craft.

And it wasn’t until really recently that my passion became my Full time Job I just got the opportunity to work for an ngo called Coral Gardeners located in Moorea French Polynesia.
I'm really stocked for this job and can’t wait to see where this adventure will take me!

There’s a quote I really love that I heard in one of captain Potter’s video which is “ I want my life to be the best movie I've ever seen”
I don’t have any precise Goals or dreams I think I just want to live a life that is worth remembering and do what ever it takes to keep doing what I love
We've started the Go Slow Video Project about a year ago together with Rodolphe and finally seeing that vision coming to life is very rewarding.
Working with Rodolphe on this one was really cool cause we share the same passion for sports, the ocean, and the place we live in. we are both very committed to what we love when we're set on a goal follow through means a lot.
That’s why we kept shooting and did our best despite the really busy schedules and weather conditions.