Invest in a Feeling
Make it Last



MACKEENE began in 2006 as a conceptual seedling: 
An idea to approach men’s swimwear with ease, sport, art, and beauty.  
From this kernel emerged what is today the MACKEENE brand:
A core collection of elevated wardrobe essentials,
produced from the finest natural and recycled materials we can source—
such as organic cotton jersey, Italian linen, and recycled PET—
Crafted with forethought toward our future,
items to be worn today
and perhaps passed down to our successive generations.    





O u r   E t h o s 
&  C o m m i t m e n t s 
1-  Where is it made ?
Our garments are put together from start to finish in the sun-filled country of Portugal, where we have recently rooted our new HQ office.  We personally visit the factories and people with whom we work, and ensure our standards of quality and ethical working conditions are consistently met.
2-  How is it made ?
Production is limited to batches of 200-300 pieces, which helps us maintain one of our key goals of waste minimization.  The reduction of waste within the fashion industry at large is slowly coming into focus, and through continually re-evaluating our production process we are able to find new ways to save virgin materials from entering landfills.  Our new tote bags made from our leftover fabric is one way in which we do this.
3-  Pursuing Organic & Recycled Materials
What fabric makes you feel most comfortable?  Which is best for the earth we inhabit?  These are questions that guide us in our choices of materials, which cross lines from the extra-fine and certified organic spun cottons and heirloom-quality woven linens in our shirts and tees, to the recycled PET, mechanical stretch polyester in our swimming trunks.  There is always room for improvement, and we continuously seek out the best fabrics we can find.
4-  Designing for People, with Respect

Our clothing is meant to be adaptable, revealing form and inviting interpretations to its owners.  Interconnectedness is an element we embrace at our core, and it is made real through respect, openness, and conversation— essential values that regenerate when we interact thoughtfully with one another.

5-  Go Slow = A Good Life
We adopted the “GO SLOW” phrase as a reminder of all the things that are truly worthwhile in life— family, friends, love, and  togetherness— and as a nod toward the curious exploration of this fascinating, precious world around us.


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